Local powerboat team is ready for the upcoming boat races


SARASOTA – The Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix is less than two weeks away.

Team WATT-AHH is ready for the water. This Sarasota team prides itself on being the only squad where everything was developed here locally.

“We’ve had boats from all over the world come to compete with us here. It’s where, basically, boat racing started. I mean Sarasota is the home of the offshore power boats,” rejoices Rob Gourley, owner of team WATT-AHH.

Team WATT-AHH has raced in various competitions over the years, but nothing beats winning in your own backyard, and that’s exactly what they hope to do.

“She’s been very successful. She’s won the nationals. We’ve won in Sarasota. We’ve won in numerous places. It’s an extremely capable boat and normally our issue is beating ourselves,” says Gourley.

Owner Rob Gourley’s journey started growing up around drag racing. After the passing of his father, Rob found a new way to channel his passion for racing. An inherited investment turned into a racing boat. All centered around one thing, a love for speed.

“He’s always loved speed himself. So it was his gift to me that enabled us to buy the boat,” remarks Gourley.

Ed Tamberino joined the team a few years ago and serves as a jack of all trades. He runs throttles, keeps the balance of the boat and navigates. For him, he does it for the thrill.

“You know you always get butterflies. Then it wears out and then it’s just go-go-go. I’d have to say the rush, it’s a lot of fun,” says Tamberino.

Team WATT-AHH is thrilled to be racing again but for more than just the race. The joy it brings the Suncoast Charities for Children makes it all worth it.



  1. Kids are the heart of Racing Sarasota week. Thank you, SNN, for launching a great series over the next two weeks giving close ups on individual race teams and what drives them to race. SNN’s Ben Bobick and Jason Raven are professional and friendly and use their talents and tenacity in presenting the heart of lead stories to the SRQ community and beyond. We hope for a fun and safe Race Week in Sarasota. ~Team REDS/Watt-Ahh


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