Sarasota ballroom dancers make video debut


SARASOTA- an up-and-coming artist from California shoots her music video in Sarasota featuring two local ballroom dancers.

Ballroom dancers Aliska Burkina, and Zavio Osorio-Gonzalez were asked to dance in the music video “Young Hearts” by 17-year-old singer and songwriter Em Rossi.

The YouTube video is dedicated to Rossi’s father who suddenly died two years ago.

The duo had less than 24 hours to choreograph the ballroom contemporary piece and perform it multiple times for the shoot at a local warehouse near the airport.

The couple said, the shoot lasted about 18 hours and a lot of the choreography was improvised while at the shoot location.

The video was produced and directed by Kurt Zendzian who recently moved to Sarasota.

The video has more than two million views on YouTube in less than two weeks.

Burkina from Russia started ballroom dancing since the age of 7 and Osorio-Gonzalez from Nicaragua a former break-dancer turned ballroom dancer five years ago.


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